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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Proper Function Of Partners At The Martial Arts

I would like to draw the attention of all people practicing Aikido on one of the most important issues, from a proper understanding of which depends on the speed and quality of the learning process – how to behave as a man, which worked through technology? One of the main terms of productive work in […]

Summary Normalization

The best option would be a combination of normalization of the average level of peak normalization prevents cuts signal. Slices are also called sound clipping – a distortion of sound, manifested in the appearance of 'hiss' and 'cod'. Wav files for the program Sound Normalizer is only available until peak normalization. For Mp3 files, both […]

Mobile Telephony

In the last decade the mannering changes of the users of mobile telephony (cellular), not yet opened a question answered by the operators. Already it is known that smartphones is main the responsible ones for these changes. Estma that the use of data already surpassed far of the use of voice in these equipment, that […]

Foreclosures Now As An App!

New free app for finding foreclosures Muhlheim am main – the company posted 2 simple on the 1.6.2012 the ZVG app in the Apple app store. With the app, it is now possible to search for foreclosures on all iOS devices. Interest rates are at the lowest level for years and the demand for real […]