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Recall also the myth of Pandora's jar. Zeus is furious because Prometheus stole the sun seeds that provide the fertile soil, and orders the creation of a woman full of virtue and beauty. Hephaestus the molded clay, the Graces wearing jewelry and Hermes put in his chest lies, seduction and capacity fickle nature. Epimetheus, did […]

Vakuummess UNIVEX

Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum presents the UNIVEX coating system for research and experiments together with the new DRYVAC pump systems that offered vacuum product range supported by Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum all photovoltaic manufacturing processes in the coarse vacuum, medium vacuum, high – and Ultrahochvakuumbereich. Pump technologies, systems and services include components, standardized systems and complete customised […]

SpeedCore Technology

Array networks presents new version of the application delivery controller for cloud computing environments Lasne/Belgium, 21 July 2010 array Networks Inc., manufacturer of secure application delivery solutions (, has developed a new version of the operating system for its application delivery controller AppVelocity (APV) series. The SpeedCore architecture-based ArrayOS 8.1 fully supports 64-bit processing and […]

Wind Farm Planning

Properly planning alone is not sufficient: wind farm planning and appraisal in the House some technical and financial risks are well not directly to recognize and work out only in the long term negative. However, with planned her already at this early stage. The successful development of wind farms involves not only least technical and […]

Identification Technology

10 years of life cycle of marking technology in automotive industry first it was Daimler (2008), now followed by Audi and BMW: the identification technology of PrintoLUX takes root in the automotive industry, because speak around the relevance and the benefits of the young, thermosetting digital printing process. 10 years of life cycle of marking […]


You hear the word P2P thinking primarily of eMule, torrent and co, but this technique can actually much more know the least… P2P player that are fine tools. If you like football and have a fast Internet connection (DSL), you shouldn’t miss this software! Thus receive various Fernsehstreams, including soccer from Germany! Laptop up and […]

LurTech Adoption DocYard

DMS EXPO of trade fair presence of LurTech Europe GmbH Berlin – at the heart of the DMS EXPO trade fair presence of LurTech Europe GmbH (Hall 7, booth A77) is, with all the features that are necessary for an efficient document conversion in centrally controllable workflow DocYard integration platform can be integrated. This shows […]

Compressed Air Membranpumen

Pumps for abrasive, viscous and shear-sensitive media as system partner for compressed air technology, surface treatment and pumping equipment sells technology the Carl Nolte from Greven near Munster Dellmeco’s versatile pneumatic diaphragm pumps and advises their customers here with regard to the installation, maintenance and repair. The assortment of Carl Nolte technology include in compressed […]