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The Payment

Amounts that taxpayers in the terms of the previous paragraph, to retain shall find out in the identified as ISR concept other deductions in the appropriate electronic application. Do with regard to the law of business tax rate? nica, stipulates in its article tenth third transitional: for the purposes of article 6?. fraction IV of […]


I think it is a proposal that should remove it avante as an alternative to address the underdevelopment which is the only thing that inherited from the regional centralism. Against the refusal of the opponents of the project who see in this a crazy idea, citing legal and economic inviability, it is necessary to make […]

Venezuelan Economy

Among some of his works are: macroeconomic analysis, towards economic independence, dependence and underdevelopment, a five-year period of 1994-1998 Government Balance: fiscal, monetary and exchange rate management, monograph and selected essays (BCV, 2001). It should be noted that Dr. Maza Zavala was one of the critical voices of the economic policy pursued by the most […]


What will be the trend of the dollar 10 July 2009 once again put the dollar in the center of the debate. The controversy surrounding his possible continuity towards the low in a medium-to long-term against major currencies, remains at the center of the debate. Meanwhile, the recovery of the appetite for risk has led […]