Adwords Google

You may be surprised about the keywords that your potential visitors are looking for. Once you’ve assembled a short list of keywords, you can start to use the tools to measure the popularity and competence of those words, as well as to refine those which are more oriented to the purpose of your site. The first step is to find out the popularity of keywords, which can be done using various keyword suggestion tools. Suggestions of keyword tools will tell you what terms have been written in the search engines, and number of searches that were performed with these terms. If you enter a phrase or keyword, the tool will return a selection of alternative phrases that contain the generic term, proposed alternatives with a similar theme and also an estimate of the amount of traffic that phrase provides per month. Do you want more traffic? These tools are often defective, since different search query engines and estimates of traffic may be inaccurate, but they are in good condition for an estimate of the State of the number of searches carried out, as well as suggest several terms which you could never have thought. I highly recommend these 2 keywords query tools: Word Tracker: Trellian: Adwords Google: the next step is to check how competitive is the selected keyword.

Ideally, you should search for terms that have a high volume traffic, but a few web sites competing for that term, and can use various tricks to judge this. Any page that is optimized for one keyword, at least have that word in the title tag and the text of anchor links that point to the site, so he goes to Google and the use of queries in title: here the phrase and in anchor: phrase here, you can find out how many pages are optimized for your chosen phrase. The smaller the number of these searches, less competitive the term… The use of these tools you It has provided a list of terms that are much more specific than your original generic keywords. These may include the term by geographic location, or a specific product. You must be able to optimize your site for multiple phrases recalled that indexaran search engines not only his home, but all the internal pages of your website.

You must optimize every internal page with terms or different keywords to get traffic. More qualified traffic? You can also consider using long tail keywords. These are multiple word phrases that are sometimes so specific that they might be better ranked, by raising conversion rates. The best way to get traffic with long tail words is to have a site rich in content has much more value the content, better your chances of being recognized as an expert in its segment. So we now finally have a list of phrases or keywords better geared for your web site! As you can see, the process of choosing the keywords is not something to be taken lightly, and there is much work to be done if you want to maximize the capacity of your web site to attract free traffic or organic traffic.