Agreement Company

Fraud in the sale of apartments has many faces. There are cases that deceivers do not even need to complicate yourself inattentive customers voluntarily can cash in on their money. Take the example of a case. You sign a contract with the realtor’s office, not collecting any information about her, not bothering to check any of its license, or other documents. You are attracted to just rosy promises of smiling employees and super low prices for services. A thoroughly study the terms of the contract with us, alas, is not accepted. Your chosen estate agents regularly, once a week, provide for your consideration options that are absolutely far from the designated in the contract. Finally, you lose patience and come to the office to collect documents for the apartment and find another broker.

But officials point out to you at the point signed personally by you of the contract, which you have no right to sell the apartment without the firm within a specified period. Here also there is another point, stating that in case of early rupture Agreement by You, You agree to pay the company half a percent of sales of apartments in compensation. Now I understand that you are a victim of fraud, but the threats bring to prosecution the case, unfortunately, neither what results do not lead. There are several reasons. First, the term of the contract has not expired, and the firm, though rarely, but still finds potential buyers. To confirm that fraud is not possible. And company lawyer can transparently hinted that the aggravation of the situation, you may lose your documents in an apartment.

All, in fact, it happens … And most importantly, that no legal violations here, because the two-sided signed agreement is the foundation of civil relationships. And even the court, if it comes to business, here are powerless. Potential seller drove himself to a standstill, and all because of the fact that no notice of the contents of paper that is so imprudently signed. A company fraudulently receive just 500 to $ 700. To avoid falling victim to these criminals, we should observe some simple rules: Never give original documents only copy. If the company insists – it should be alerted immediately. Do not sign any papers as long as the meaning of each sentence you will not be clear. Ideally, should consult with an independent lawyer. If the company fails to able to make a determination on all the items that interest you, then there is the danger of becoming a victim of swindlers. Housing fraudsters use in their work and the very latest digital technology. There intermediaries who rent apartments on forged documents, and then change the photo in the documents confirming the identity of the owner. In fact, the apartment gets a new owner. With false papers criminals are at the center of real estate all the necessary permits to sell the apartment. Buyers are quick, as the price for the apartment well below market value. To avoid becoming a victim of this fraud, never give your documents to any representatives of any company for any reason, personal appearance for all transactions completely. And if you get a good apartment at a record low price, think about it: perhaps, in addition you get a whole heap of legal squabbles with the owners deceived, spent a lot of nerves, time and money. And not the fact that the apartment will remain with you. Galina city.