Fairy Tales

In this way, all such methods are based, under the existing different names. In this case it is that decision made by a person may not be aware, and the person begins the same way does not knowingly perform any act aimed at achieving its goals. And then all the going really looks like that "fabulous" and "magic" – the most suitable name for it. Such situations I described in his autobiography, which anyone can read on my website. Fairy Tales fiction, but the fact is that this technique works quite effectively when it comes to desire, not affecting the interests and wishes of others.

However, in everyday life almost all the desires and set goals based on their people depend in some way from the goals and desires of others. Therefore, to effectively implement desired programming techniques one's own subconscious mind is not enough. Would be correct to say that, taken separately, they can not be effective. It is for this reason that "The Secret", as, perhaps, many have seen, is working again after two or even three or not at all. Still, a certain percentage of effective operation of this equipment is present. To be more precise in the formulation, a person under its influence makes some action towards the realization of its goals. Based on this, now appeared quite a lot of teachers and their followers, who claim that they know the right way to achieve the desired implementation by working exclusively with the subconscious. The ways in which they offer, kind of like, can guarantee the result by one hundred percent and do not require human effort and other perform any actions other than how to deal with visualization, perhaps while lying on the couch.