Friendly Creature

One of the first steps in the adiestracion of dogs is the socialization of the same, socialization is a process in which the dog is taught to interact and relate, both with other dogs, other animals and humans other than its owner. Your dog should also learn to become accustomed, that is to ignore non-hazardous elements of their environment, for example, a dog accustomed to the city, will not feel frightened by the noise, or the crowd. It will also be used to walk the streets. We must teach our pet, without fear and without pressure of any kind, to interact with other animals. As adiestracion of dogs, this will help us to avoid aggressive behavior, which could result in problems of coexistence with the environment in the future. In addition to avoid us problems with their bad interaction with people. As well as with other animals, and even human beings, socializing your dog can be a task that extends throughout his life.

Its most critical period is from the third month of life before that age must teach him to behave fairly or to interact with their surroundings and with people or animals that surround him. The period that takes a dog in socialized and that takes time to get used are different for each copy, as well as with each person their times are different, however, the general rule is that while most early start with the process of socialization, will have more success and in less time. An important Council, regarding the adiestracion of dogs, is about the age at which must be separated from his mother and siblings. During his first and his second month of life, the puppy learns to interact with others of their species, their little brothers, and play with them so that he learns important things that will serve the rest of his life. One of them is the control of its bite.

A dog knows normally bite playing, this accomplished after having practiced this in his childhood, if he is separated from his mother and siblings before time, you will not get this ability, and will hurt us when we play with him. There is a method little-known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.