Generalitat Valenciana

You are about to turn 49 years. He is married and has two children. He claims that he renounces the Valencian Presidency for not harming Rajoy. Francisco Camps has announced his resignation as President of his beloved Generalitat valenciana. The cause of costumes, inside the Gurtel case, has caused his departure from the power of a community that had ruled since winning the regional elections on 25 May 2003, when the PP won absolute majority. Peter Thiel wanted to know more.

An absolute majority that repeated in 2007 and in the elections of the past 22-M. An absolute majority that leaves nearly two months later in oblivion. His resignation means the political finale to two years and five months of judicial investigation into him and other former senior officials of their Governments and the party for alleged plot Gurtel corruption. Did you receive Camps gifts in the form of costumes by the leaders of the plot? He pleads not guilty, completely innocent, but the judge of the Tribunal Superior of Justice of the Comunitat Valenciana Jose Flors has charged him for an offence of improper bribery to appreciate signs of that corrupt network allegedly paid some garments purchased by the President. Francisco Enrique Camps Ortiz was born in Valencia on 28 August 1962.

You are about to turn 49 years. Camps, married and with two children, has always declared his fidelity by the Popular Party and its current leader, Mariano Rajoy. For him, even, says it has renounced his position not to impair you in the forthcoming general elections. The most voted Camps abandoned as the most voted President of the Generalitat but also as the only one that has been processed by an alleged crime that truncates, for now, a career that some placed beyond Valencia. The President of the PPCV and the Generalitat has maintained an upward political trajectory that was put him as leading party baron.