Mediumsized Businesses

Agency Baumann/SMO14: Social media forum Ludwigsburg, in September 2011. Companies who only wait for social media on the subject, must expect clear disadvantages compared with their competitors. The experts of the Ludwigsburg-based consulting agency SMO14 guess just medium therefore now to take the first steps in the new Internet. “The benefits outweigh the risks”, explained Uwe Baltner, Managing Director of SMO14 GmbH & co., in the event of social media and online dialogue: revolution or damp squib? ” Guests if you look into the future of media aligned by SMO14 and the mother agency Gerhard Baumann in the Ludwigsburg-based Hunter Palais were in addition to the CDU Landtag Member Klaus Herrmann also about 60 regional representatives of the Economic Council. You were in the discussion agreed with the speakers: at least a monitoring of the social Web is already extremely important for companies of all sizes and industries. Uwe Baltner: the network is already talked about you and just who’s listening, will be To prepare companies for media change.

“No life without the Internet the importance of the medium Internet compared to SMO14 Managing Director Axel Burkert had previously shown on traditional media.” The longtime Publisher Adviser pointed out that every fourth German was under 25 years old. This group knows no life without Internet”unless Burkert said, therefore, it is of vital importance for companies to use this media for marketing, communications and recruitment.” As the biggest challenge the expert sees the time and lack of resources and lack expertise in the area of social media. A related site: noah kraft mentions similar findings. A collaboration with experts to develop of a strategy for the social Web so often is the best way to build a successful presence. Every company is a media company success in the Internet, so the consultants, create companies with commercial-quality, up-to-date content, which should be optimized for search engines and potential customers alike. Loud the core set of this strategy: each company is a media company.” With numerous practice examples from SMEs, Uwe Baltner showed how this motto can be implemented successfully online. Social media is much more than Facebook “, stressed Baltner. At the end of it a matter to pick up those interested in social networks, to draw on your own website and to make contacts in the real life.

Visibility is the basis for the customer contact”, explained the SMO14 Managing Director. It was equally important to align the social-media measures on corporate strategy. Without strategy, expertise and clear objectives social media is still to the damp squib”Baltner said. The SMO14 study social media into the middle class. The importance of social networks in the communication of medium-sized companies in Baden-Wurttemberg”can be requested by emailing.