Permanent Hair Removal

The permanent hair removal with IPL technology is currently in Germany is forward-looking as both for women and for men the removal of body hair to a real\”issue has become. With only a few exceptions (soles of the feet, palms of hands, certain points in the genital area), hairs on the most human bodies can be found. While the unwanted body hair can be treated with different methods of application. Considered the most popular methods of hair removal for temporary solutions: shaving, waxing, plucking. For a permanent (permanent) hair removal currently ostensibly three ways available: IPL technology laser treatment strong > needle epilation procedure together all three treatment methods affiliated aimed to destroy the cells of the hair bulbs (follicles) and to prevent the growth of new hair.

The hair removal with IPL technology (= photoepilation) can in the meantime called evolution of the classic laser treatment (laser hair removal) be. The flash lamp technology is currently regarded as the most advanced type of permanent hair removal and asserts itself more and more. Especially, because this procedure from the customer is referred to generally as painless, quick and cost-effective. The term IPL stands for intense pulsed light \”.\” It is a hairy problem\”so with intense pulsed light countered. The treatment principle of the laser treatment and IPL technologies are similar. But no laser beams used in the IPL technology. As the core of a high-energy flash lamp (Xenon light) to the application is brought to permanent hair removal using IPL technology. A significant difference between the permanent hair removal using laser and IPL is that emit laser light exactly a certain wavelength of light (810 nm, 800 nm and 930 nm).

IPL Flash lamps, however, can take several different wavelengths. This is achieved through the use of different filter attachments on the handpiece. Harmful short-wave UV lengths areas (600 nm) as well as long-wave length ranges above 950 nm can be filtered by IPL.