Traditional Weddings

Nowadays people have a genuine interest in their roots. Everyone wants to know about the origins and lives of their ancestors. However, the modern world truly is international, people actively move around the world, crossing geographical, cultural and communicative boundaries. Almost every man of our time apply the term "citizen of the world." So we call a man who literally does not sit in place and anywhere in the world feels at home. According to various estimates, Russia now live from 230 thousand to 10 million ethnic Jews. In Israel, the same Russian are one of the major minority groups.

In 2008, Russia and Israel was established visa-free border crossings. These data suggest the friendship of two peoples and mutual penetration of two cultures. Deserves special attention is the phenomenon of marriage in Israel. Every day people fall in love and getting married, so to them sooner or later gets the actual question: where and how to get married? There are many solutions, and traditional wedding in Israel, promises to be vivid and memorable event for everyone who will come to organizing the celebration with wit and ingenuity. Wedding in Israel – a typical selection of Russian-speaking population, and Jews living in Russia, supporting connection to their historical homeland. But the wedding in Israel may be not only the national implications. For example, as a place where they married the "Holy Land" is selected mobile, mobile couples who want to seal their alliance away from home in unfamiliar surroundings and in accordance with local traditions and customs.