Unified Communications

Who among you does not use modern corporate communications tools such as e-mail, mobile or landline phone, a corporate portal, audio, video? I do not think many negative answer this question, but it will certainly appear willing to extend it … The number of such means of communication has increased so much that many companies are starting to think about what would improve connecting people through harmonization of such funds. Technology Unified Communications (standardized, unified communications) can deal with all of the above problems and allows the company to go to a new level productivity and competitiveness. This technology integrates all communication channels into a single manageable interface, which can be accessed from anywhere and from almost any compatible device. System includes: instant messaging, integration with Outlook, IP-telephony, audio, video, collective work, information about the presence of employee voice mail access from mobile devices.

Decision based on Unified Communications facilitates communication between individuals and organizations, where participants were not and no matter what platform or device they are using. Unified communications technology has a number of advantages. Thus, the company Inkom, have implemented a system of unified communications, reduced travel and per diem costs by 13%. This significantly reduced the influence of human factors on the rate of business processes. Since Incom is geographically distributed company and frequent business trips are business needs, this solution has helped streamline the interaction between employees and replace them with less expensive videoconferencing systems. Also an important advantage was the possibility of introducing a more efficient use of staff time – time saved at level crossings through the use of the full functionality of the system time on the implementation of staff duties. The solution was implemented based on server technology Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and as the client software a standalone application Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. Thus, the system of unified communications allows businesses to optimize their infrastructure and reduce costs, which is especially important in current conditions financial crisis.