Winch Work

Today, lifting equipment needed assistant in work. Weight lifting one of the most convenient mechanism is a winch, it is simply irreplaceable. But it is necessary to understand the current diversity of the products. Winches – a group of mechanical devices for moving and lifting of various loads. The invention dates back to the winch time the slave of Egypt, but the name of the inventor has not yet reached.

In effect winch cited by muscle power or horse-drawn way. But with the development of technology and production appeared mechanical drive, which is significantly easier to work with a winch. But now, winches, actuated by the power of man, remain relevant and popular. One of the main advantages of the hand winch is its simplicity of design, autonomy and reliability. These winches can be drum and lever, and there are assembly-traction mechanism, namely to approximate manual winches. Drum winches are performed with a ratchet and disc brakes, which provides instantaneous shutdown of cargo. Their principle used for horizontal, vertical and oblique movement of goods. Installation and traction mechanism free from lack of manual winches – low-capacity drum.

This part of him being absent altogether. Structurally a winch carried on the principle of pull. One of the obvious shortcomings of manual winches are man spent force in lifting loads, so the production hoist with manual mechanism is not that great. Electric winches are equipped with uni-directional or bi-directional motor, powered by 220, 380, or battery-powered car. Their equipment is also included kolodchaty or disc brake, two or more drum and to increase the speed and traction pulley fitted, power and speed. Reversible electric winch, usually equipped with two-stage gear-worm or reduction. At need to increase the draft force and even more gear. There are also hydraulic winches that are divided into two types. This winch drum, in which the disc brake to control the use hydraulic drive. And winches, which are connected to the drum directly, without reduction gear. Both types of hydraulic winches can continuously adjust the speed of the drum. They are lighter counterparts with an electric motor on the whole fifteen percent. Winch, and hand, and with the special mechanisms – essential aides as well as in everyday life and at work. Their use facilitates the work of many hundreds of people every day. A mass production winches – allows customers to choose the best option is for you.