Art Academy Vasnetsov

When Vasnetsov walked through the Vatican or in Paris, looked with interest in the creation of Burne-Jones, he would not obey, and, conversely, it is here at the time of worship the charms of alien creation, he realized all his strength and felt the love with the charm of its pristine nationality. Since the curtain fell from his eyes, we began to look around themselves, and in this – the main merit of our three teachers. These primitives revival of our national art in the Russian spirit. The path is specified, and varied, scheduled dour image Morozova and cute appearance Maiden. We later began to realize himself, and the West, by bitter experience of his, helped us understand what a valuable and distinctive in us. Vasnetsov, particularly sensitively grab this, throughout his sermon would wake us up and call for an "identity" so trivialized concerns are harmful to our arts people. Can not say that Vasnetsov not like the West, but he was afraid of him, not afraid for myself, but for those weaknesses, which, in his opinion, "will ruin the West". Yes, this is understandable.

Too hard work he made on his shoulders, and it is through the West and by a false understanding of the Russian spirit. For too long, he was a downgrade pseudo-preachers (worshipers now famous Vasnetsov) not to fear for their Snow White dove. In Russia, a long time knew of the West, and now, last year, he climbs up to us and a lot of unwelcome and corrupt muddies our eyes. But what is worse is that dangerous? Do not know, or know too much? Vasnetsov did not hesitate to reply: "Do not know." How many times expressed He fears for the youth, who are too indiscriminate looks now all: seductive and beautiful, and the poor. But this fear of Russian identity seems to me unworthy of either of itself or an unyielding creativity Vasnetsov. Vasnetsov recognized, it is recognized.

Vladimir's Cathedral and the Tretyakov Gallery was joined unforgettable service. The exhibition at the Art Academy Vasnetsov has strengthened the respect that each bore there. It is the apotheosis of the values Vasnetsov, I do not want say – creative, because I believe that Vasnetsov still be creative. All 38 paintings by Vasnetsov illustrate his conviction of thought, he always remains himself. And when to do what we see when we have so boldly and loudly started, when in Europe have become impatient waiting for the "Russian Art", what we fear for our identity? One must not forget and always be aware that all this is just the beginning, one is only the beginning, sure, but the long journey. While this is consciousness does not fail, we have nothing to fear.