Hybrid Supercar

After the victory in 2002, the West Philly Hybrid X Team at the race Tour de Sol, the team asked the question: 'Why hybrid cars are not very popular? '. This question spawned a new idea – the creation of the world's first hybrid super punishment – an environmentally Clean, fast hybrid sports car. West Philly Hybrid X Team began exploring this issue during the summer research program. The group concluded that hybrids require considerable fuel savings, but boring and monotonous. Modern supercars now have very powerful engines, which are necessary to overcome such a speed at which the breath away. Students found that the car in which the use engines with increased efficiency in conjunction with the body of a super lightweight materials, can exceed all speed performance of modern supercars. To achieve this effect in the K1 Attack were used: a platform – 816 kg W-shaped turbo 112kW diesel engine, driving the rear wheels, electric ac Propulsions capacity of 149kW, driving the front axle. People such as Adroll Marketing Platform would likely agree. To save a small mass of the new motor was powered supercar