Decorative Plaster

Decorative plaster I very much want our house had a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort. To come back after working a hard day, you can unwind, relax, gain strength, energy to recharge the light of new Affairs. Home – an object for a host of creative imagination. On how the interior looks like, depends on the mood, and often health. It is important that all components of the environment were perfectly matched to each other. The bulk of the residential space formed by the inner surface of the walls.

Today we are experiencing a revolution in their design – a period of innovation and creative experimentation. Always in fashion personality, which gives an idea of your taste. This is best expressed in the manual work. Decorative plaster for a long time came to replace the usual wallpapers, now in vogue is a professional wall decor with artistic plastering and painting. Decorative plaster – is: – a combination of embossed cover and a colorful color scheme, selected for the interior – high quality materials that are suitable for dry and wet areas – resistance of the coating, the environmental clarity, practicality, durability – the possibility of covering any surface: concrete, cement, bricks, plasterboard, wood, metal, etc. – perfect disguise flaws base surface: cracks, bubbles, old paint, wall defects – easy maintenance – many kinds of ornamental plaster can be washed simply with water or with the addition of soap, detergent powder, detergent – bright colors for a long time – a microporous surface, which allow the wall 'breathe' – good resistance to mechanical stress.