Development Environment

The ambient questions and of the work come assuming new configurations with the deepening of the globalization process (DOWBOR et al., 1997), with the productive reorganization (Harvey, 1996) and the adoption of the economic policies of neoliberal cut (Fiori, 1997). A double movement is evidenced: the dissolution of the borders economic politics and to the development of the capitalism globalizado and desregulamentado (Hirst; Thompson, 1998) the emergency of ' ' novas' ' ambient borders that cannot be disrespected in long stated period for this way of production (. Altvater, 1999). The technological advance, and the continuous process of automation, the globalization and the requirements for products and services of quality, come transforming, modifying and causing diverse impacts, in the ways to produce of the organizations, to the level of the work, also affecting its culture, structure and between the individuals. thus, is verified that the workers are reached of direct form for these transformations, therefore they had occurred in a very high rhythm, many times bigger that the proper capacity human being can support. The consequences, that seem to be sufficiently deep, adequately had not been mensuradas how much to its harmful effect to the health, the security and the environment. Today the organizations cannot more be considered as mere economic institutions, whose intention is the profit attainment, but also are analyzed by the change in the environment where they operate. When using the natural resources in its productive processes, damages can occur to the environment, and, consequently, to the society in general, therefore, a time that the natural resources are finite and its errnea and inadequate use, the effect are felt very beyond its region of extration or use. The debate today concerning the health of the worker sends to the picture of the transformations that occur in the universe of the work, what it makes possible to understand as they are configured the new ways that make possible the magnifying of the intensive exploration of the work force, that is one of the main characteristics of the new standard for the development of the capitalism.