Internet Step

Find the websites where your target group more often all visits, including forums and blogs. Write them in your business plan. Describe what will be your online offering to customers and how you allocate your retail product, for example, by providing the most accurate ordering information, products, services or unique offerings. Step 3: Determine what state licenses and permits required for your business. Contact the appropriate state agency or visit its site to see the necessary documentation. Fill out proper documentation and get a license as required. For retailers, it is necessary to issue a minimum of PIs, as Your online business will be subject to sales tax. Step 4: Obtain the necessary equipment and tools for your business.

Contact with manufacturers or wholesalers licensed to dogovritsya to sell their goods. Shape agreement or contact with a supplier that details the price for a product to purchase a certain amount and any other necessary nuance. Find a place to store the products before sending to the client or contract with the supplier about the delivery to its warehouse. Step 5: You need to buy a domain name and hosting for the website and most importantly choose the CMS (content management system) or the “engine” for your online store. Incyte insists that this is the case. Most popular ones are: ECommerce, Volusion. All of them have a number of advantages and disadvantages. In the Russian market intrenet solutions for online stores you can probably identify 1C-Bitrix and new, but not quite bad, “engine FastSales. To my surprise, license to Fast Sales cost several times cheaper, but you can get all the necessary functionality for intrenet store.

In fact, it’s already finished an online store. And, of course, the main advantage of Fast Sales – is that this system is designed specifically for Internet commerce. Sslyki on products and contacts can be found below. The next step is to install the software on a server web hosting from a hosting control panel. Step 6 Modify your website store through Administrovanie CMS. Download a banner or signature collage that includes the store name and logo. Create the appropriate category of products that you want to sell. Make a preview for a product with detailed descriptions, containing prices, hrarkteristiki and photos. Set a flat rate for shipping costs or ask a dynamic definition of value, depending on the weight of the product or method of delivery. Add payment methods for your online store, usually, CMS already has a popular payment methods. For example, in Fast Sales are already built units for payment through: Z-Payment, LibertyReserve, RBK-Money, Robokassa, Moneybookers (work with credit card), Nochex, WebMoney, PayPal, Unified Insurance Fund (W1), SMSCoin. When all necessary adjustments will be made, be sure to test your site by making a test purchase by the customer. Step 7: Make an advertisement for your online store. Order banner ads on sites visited by your target group is likely to be interested in more. Encourage the promotion of his store on the forums, create a panel for the social. Networks for product reviews. Can use of advertising campaigns with PPC using services Yandex.Direct or Google AdWords, to advertising your store was visible at the top of search engines. Links Fast Sales Contacts in St.