Plastering Machine

Plaster by machine is a new level of quality plastering plastering using high stations. For the first time plastering machine-using dry plaster mixtures were carried out in Europe. To date, 89 – 93 (%) of the market in the interior is occupied Europe gypsum plaster. Now these jobs become available in Russia. This type of plastering is widely used as a industrial scale, where you must perform a lot of work for a short period of time, and residential and office spaces. All work is done on modern equipment, craftsmen, specially trained for plastering work on the stations, in strict accordance with SNIP. With the help of plaster stations can significantly improve the quality of work, optimize labor costs and shorten production time. Plastering machine method is applied to facades, interior trim, fill the floor, leveling a ceiling.

When the plastering machine application is very important to prepare and achieve uniformity Mixing the working solution to the challenge superbly coping plastering machines, because This procedure is performed using special mechanized mixer. Properly and well mixed solution guarantees the durability and smoothness. At the time of plastering mechanized not do without the skills of master plasterer, so it is very important that all work has been done skilled workers with the ability to work with this equipment. In our work we use high-quality plaster mix for the machine method of application: MP 75 Knauf, Knauf Rotband and cement-sand: Unterputts UP 210 Knauf, Zokelputts UP 310 Knauf, Knauf Gryunband designed for mechanized method of plastering work. Thus, plastering machine-executed on a qualitatively higher level of performance in the shortest possible time and with all of this are much cheaper than plaster by hand.