SpeedCore Technology

Array networks presents new version of the application delivery controller for cloud computing environments Lasne/Belgium, 21 July 2010 array Networks Inc., manufacturer of secure application delivery solutions (www.arraynetworks.net), has developed a new version of the operating system for its application delivery controller AppVelocity (APV) series. The SpeedCore architecture-based ArrayOS 8.1 fully supports 64-bit processing and multi-core technology. Also, the new version has an advanced caching module for improved compression processing, granular system level monitoring, higher capacity on process – or module-level, and application flow monitoring Field Troubleshooting. Thus, the overall performance and scalability of systems at high data load is increased. “The focus of which is ArrayOS, the new SpeedCore architecture with lock – free multi-core technology”. This allows up to 10 x higher performance, provides significant capacity gains for all HTTP, TCP and SSL offloading modules and supports multiple 10Gbps-Netzwerk-Interface-Karten for the processing of the application. The massive growth of the Web 2.0 traffic, multimedia services, data center virtualization and cloud host-based applications has resulted in complex applications must be processed efficiently through ADC solutions.

Due to the SpeedCore architecture, ArrayOS are 8.1 APV products capable of making a high-performance network – and application-level routing. The systems use its built-in software-based intelligence”to secure such a high performance even in highly compute-intensive applications. In addition to the previously mentioned architecture extensions array delivers reliable and sophisticated features that are already used by thousands of customers worldwide. So the new architecture underwent an extensive field test in the last 18 months and has been specially adapted for use in enterprise data center as well as for public and private cloud environments. Based on the new content-aware engines”the ArrayOS experience solutions 8.1-now Improvement of small packet out”(applications such as VoIP, instant messaging/chat, teleconferences, stock trading etc.) by up to 400 percent. SpeedCore technology, the array APV products are also capable of supporting multiple applications at the same time.