The Finishing

install additional struts just below the handle and at the top of the loop. Then install All struts again check the clearances between the frame and door leaf. In the half-open position the door should not open or close spontaneously. zapente then a box with foam tank, before it dedusted aperture to ensure good adhesion between the concrete and foam that can be used to spray with water. Since the foam is highly toxic and can damage the paint on the box, seal the box carefully masking tape. Leave the box to dry foam (not less than 12 hours).

Then, complete drying of the foam gently extract or cut the wedges, remove the spacers and carefully cut away with a knife protruding foam. Installing additional elements vymerte distance from the edge of the box to the edge of the wall, cut the size of the bar dobornuyu distance based groove with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw. Vmontiruyte additional elements into the groove and zapente at several points. Wait complete drying of the foam. In the case where the maximum width of a standard additional elements produced by the mill (190 mm), does not fully cover the width of the opening, connector plate is used, allowing connect a few additional elements (outline).

In addition, the connector plate can make an opening without having to install the door frame (figure). Install casings Calculate the required length of casing. Gash in the casing by Sabre in stusle or with zausovochnoy saws, angle of 45 degrees. Secure the jamb to the finishing nails, pre-drill holes for the nails with a diameter of 1.5 mm. Clypeus with a "beak" is inserted into a groove box (You first need to remove part of the "beak" at the top) and attached to the liquid nails. Caring for a door to door were longer need careful handling them. Sometimes necessary to clean the door with the means to care for furniture. Wipe your door wet … well, that arm will fall and protect your door from falling on them of acids and alkalis. Avoid mechanical damage.