National Strategy

We have the case of several levels that it will have to cross the companies of the State, Ministries to enter this subject: When they put a page Web or a vestibule to give information to the citizen? When they allow that the citizen I interacted with them putting data and looking for information Interacting, making transactions via Web, such as payment of tributes or pursuit of presented/displayed proceedings or require the documentation referred to its civil registries to pay them through system and in 24 hours to receive it in its house, that satisfied would feel like a client. Finally we have integration, when the companies of the State have been interconnected and through a unique vestibule they are related to a citizen. We also have in the world that countries are applying the subject of Egoverment, for which also four levels have been identified: 1. The highest level in the one than are the United States, Canada and Singapore that is innovating leaders, already has the scheme of Administration of the relation with the citizen, the service is to the citizen, the citizen can interact with the government when entering a single vestibule. 2.

The visionary followers who have not arrived at the level of Administration of the relation with the citizen, but they are integrating are making transactions. 3. Denominated the logradores constants are those countries that already have a National Strategy of Technologies of Information and that is going to allow the interaction with the citizen and to make some transactions. 4. And the last level is the constructors of platforms are countries where are political problems where there is no a National infrastructure of Technologies of solid Information, telecommunications, is no a qualification in the subjects of use of technologies, the institutions have problems so that they are bureaucratic, their processes must be re-invented but they are in incorporation process. Countries as Chile and Mexico lead subjects of Egoverment in the region count on National Strategy and Strategy of Association they can develop to the unique software that is going to allow scale economies, in Mexico for example it is a strategy for making it the State and in Chile a strategy is to be associated with the private company.