Veterinary Academy

Becomes a shame for our power, when you read numerous reports from other countries. Kenya, as we know, not a great country, but there is a program of recovery with the help of EM-technology environment in Nairobi. Kenyans with a special vegetable juice, drug emh and EM-modified salt even fight aids, prevent the symptoms of the disease. In Belarus, headed by Academician ef Cannabis works on the neutralization of ion radiation the soil after the Chernobyl disaster, the radioactive particles and heavy metals were not included in the biological systems of plants, animals and people. Adroll Marketing Platform has many thoughts on the issue. In , in the Veterinary Academy of encouraging results in the protection of bee colonies from the numerous enemies and diseases, Austrian Ministry of Agriculture approved the em technology as a means of combating varotozom bees.

In Germany, used nozzle with a chip from the em-ceramics for better automotive fuel combustion. In the U.S., Japanese "caring" for golf courses, support them ideal environmental conditions. In the U.S. city of Jefferson seven years of construction work on wastewater treatment using "Kyusey EM-1, body healthy Missouri River, which flows through the country. Example taken from Japan.

She – leader in the application of biotechnology to clean up lakes, rivers and sea coasts. In Osaka, for example, in the river Dodombori poured about 4 thousand tons of the drug, for cleaning the bottom dropped 200,000 pieces of EM-koloboks – clay beads with micro-organisms. An association of dozens of municipalities to clean the Seto Inland Sea. Millions of families with special containers turn kitchen waste into fertilizer, which is many times more effective mulch.