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Internet Step

Find the websites where your target group more often all visits, including forums and blogs. Write them in your business plan. Describe what will be your online offering to customers and how you allocate your retail product, for example, by providing the most accurate ordering information, products, services or unique offerings. Step 3: Determine what […]

Business Work

If such cases occur, and – this is blatant fraud, illegal transactions, all that is anything but an honest business. Doing e-business and the extraction of this of profit – heavy and hard work. Perhaps the word 'work' is not quite appropriate, because at some stage of the business can be automated and without making […]

Coca Business

And the business they have gone so well, then they agreed with the savings bank, took their brand new desyatochki starting with one digit (ie phone numbers will be in one area), organized a whole group of students over the summer to earn a trip to the warm country. Lastly, citing as an example the […]

The Buyer

It is in this stone and buried. Once the buyer did not give anyone anything, so no one he should not!. Most likely, he pilitsya product will be on the principle of 'get-to saw, will not work, yes, and God be with him. Add to your understanding with Naveen Selvadurai. " And he just does […]

Company Liquidation

Today, with the creation of the business people know that a company must register the concept of registration changes – also familiar to many. But when it comes to closing the company, all too often ride. All owners of the company, understand that liquidation of the enterprise is a long process, and not too pleasant. […]

Intellectual Property Sites

But in any case, whatever the technical or organizational defense, we did not perform, the question on the legal status of intellectual property protection sites. Intellectual Property Sites – A software component, text content, graphics are protected by copyright regulations set out in Part IV of the Civil Code. This means that the law are […]