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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Modern Video Monitoring

Using modern IP surveillance cameras is to receive for the first time to be quite high resolution videos at affordable prices. Places that are particularly at risk can be monitored with analog video surveillance already for a long time. Now high resolution video surveillance at low prices are possible thanks to the availability of local […]


But when if it deals with the emotional aspect, we still see, primitive forms to treat people, incapacity of donation, misunderstandings of diverse types, the human being of today is each more alone time, each more independent time of the other, however, generates a conflict, because we are sociable beings, we have necessity to share […]


mundoFranquicia Consulting, a company specialized in doing consultancy of the highest quality to all those organisations that come into the franchise a suitable formula for business and growth, will participate in the 22nd International the franchising, the business opportunities and the trade partner SIF & Co 2011 – which will be held from 20 to […]


Beyond considering the question, also it is explained that, in developing of the activity, two types of couples of rabbits will appear: a young couple represented by rabbits of lesser stature and an adult couple formed by bigger rabbits. Below of the space of the texts, it appears the information of the number of couples […]