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Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Neck

Now they can buy what they want! And what happens – less money, but the desire has no end. And all is not enough! Oh well we'll buy everything we want from the next paycheck. We will work harder and harder to buy what we want. Desire to grow more and more. I want it, […]

Voluntary Service

Apply now – voluntary service moves! The training will be ready soon and what comes then? The completion of school, training or study for many at the same time means a new beginning and the chance of the orientation. For this purpose, the development of voluntary service in Asia, Africa or Latin America is a […]

Development Environment

The ambient questions and of the work come assuming new configurations with the deepening of the globalization process (DOWBOR et al., 1997), with the productive reorganization (Harvey, 1996) and the adoption of the economic policies of neoliberal cut (Fiori, 1997). A double movement is evidenced: the dissolution of the borders economic politics and to the […]