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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Cell Phones And Global Catastrophes

I’m sitting in the train, cozy and familiar clatter of wheel. in my hand device, read and listen to the news of the flood, snow, summer, typhoons and tsunamis Then write these lines on his cell phone. Then save the file and send to the site: in Start your blog or anywhere else Until of […]

Colombia Protoplasts

In 1994 we visited the Experimental Station of fortune to the North of the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico, we could see a plantation of Milky hybrid of these two species, obtained with the application of the technique of Fusion of protoplasts. The plantation was 7 years old with great size and a great production. […]

Societal Transformations

All the texts will have to be socialized between all the groups, and rewritten if and after that all necessary the productions will have to be postadas in orkut of the room. It stops to finish, the pupils will make one third written production, this, individually detaching the significant aspects of this activity for its […]


Digital photos taken fast – and quickly recover lost? Digital photos have the manner, as today pictures made and considered to be, revolutionized. Nobody had thought well of the previous century at the presentation of the first digital cameras in the 1980s, that even as many digital images would be made. A photo was still […]

Campaignings Digital

The Berlin Music Week music and its communication revolves around the post digital magazine. Together with media partner Berlin Club night Aperto brings out a music output of corporate magazines plenary. The official launch will take place at the beginning of the club night on September 7. No other industry has changed so rapidly through […]