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Model Time Manager

New Model Time Manager by symbols on the display will prompt the user what regime will be optimal in each case and how you can change the basic program without compromising the quality of washing. Energy saving washing machines, washing machines series from Bosch Logixx called fully justifies and even exceed all expectations. Many different […]

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Making pottery for facades is carried out in coordination with advanced technology coating ceramic glazes and enamels. Facade ceramics are increasingly used for the facades of houses and can manufacture all kinds of architectural and engineering parts used in the decoration building facades. Exclusive finish front cottage, house architectural decorative elements made of ceramics (chamotte […]

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Interior Design

Interior design – this is a concrete solution appearance space – floors, walls, doors and windows of the Ocean, furniture placement, lighting plan and other detailed design of interior, which is implemented as Typically, immediately after the architectural works. The original interior design – this is not the most interesting performance, once seen as the […]

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Such material for decoration, as decorative plaster, there is a very long time. Nevertheless, although the history of decorative plaster and is calculated over the centuries, his fame she received today. This was due to the development of technology: modern decorative plaster durability, resistance, hydrophobic, resistant to mold, has a rich palette of color and […]

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Density Fiberboard

Batten – a thin cladding boards (no more than 0.2 cm), widely used in the manufacture of huts and the block-container timber. It is made of square-edged boards with a side selection (for folding or shpuntovki). Fiberboard (hardboard) – fibreboard, obtained by pressing a hot wet mixture of cellulose fibers, water and synthetic additives. For […]

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Storage Cabinets

Archive metal cabinets capable of storing a large amount of paper information. Archive metal cabinets are of modern design, which allows their use in the factory premises, and in offices. Rest assured, our archival metal cabinets – a reliable ally that can protect all of your documents and products from unauthorized access, and fire. Warehouse […]

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The Choice Of Floor Covering

The History of flooring has its roots in ancient times, since the 16th century in Russia were plank flooring of oak staves, they put the picture. Parquet is popular today not only as an element of decor, but also practical well made natural flooring. The diversity of styling, a combination of different breeds of surprises […]

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Ceiling Select Practical

Classic whitewash the ceiling, a proven generations of the windows. Pros: if you are whitewashing the ceiling is not the first time, the difficulties usually arise. Low cost of consumables pleasant affect on your budget. Cons: requires a great deal of preparatory work: the removal of old coatings, priming porous surfaces, filling cracks and irregularities. […]

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Concrete Stamps

Grades of concrete on frost resistance of the F 25 and F 500 is characterized by the number of cycles withstand alternate freezing and thawing in water-saturated state. Concrete Stamps on water resistance of W 2 and W 12 is characterized by the limiting pressure at which the water is still not observed seeping through […]

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Internet Conduct

Teach you how to properly raise issues Just 100 years ago, houses were built entirely of wood, brick and stone. Other building systems were not. But not for nothing that 20 th century called the century of revolutions. Not only historical, but also technical. According to Peter Thiel, who has experience with these questions. In […]

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