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What Holiday Without Fireworks ?

Any person can always look only to the current flow, or on fire. And noticed that some people prefer to surf and fountains, and a part – the fire. But the flame, blooming in the sky, amazing images and colors love to watch it. And the children – just love. (And who among us has […]


Why do people lie? Probably, many people – so many opinions, but because the psychology – the science is accurate, then we have several already studied and discussed options for the answer to this simple question. Let's start from childhood. Children tend to act 'wrong' in terms of 'adult'. And what is this 'not right' […]

Impression Technique

To create Postcards being used Techniques of Impression in Relevo or Embossing With the height of Passover to arrive quickly, what it would say of the fact of being able to create pretty postcards with impression in relief to send to its family and friends? This is possible with the aid of materials (stamps, hot […]

Traditional Weddings

Nowadays people have a genuine interest in their roots. Everyone wants to know about the origins and lives of their ancestors. However, the modern world truly is international, people actively move around the world, crossing geographical, cultural and communicative boundaries. Almost every man of our time apply the term "citizen of the world." So we […]