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Dong Energy

Transparent energy on demand and cost control in the home – analysis software developed for Danish power company Dong energy Z-Wave Alliance member InterVideo, manufacturer of monitoring and security solutions, has developed smart a new reader on Z-Wave based. The device designed to transparently visualize the electricity consumption in private households for the consumer. NQ […]

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Carsten Bruhn

These services include an assessment of the current situation of document output and the testing of security considerations and bottlenecks in the document workflow. The managed print allows the identification of hidden costs and a subsequent optimization of systems services Ricoh, focus on reducing energy and paper consumption and the associated impacts on the environment. […]

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LED Technology

the future for efficient lighting the Hall light lucid arena. Another component of the ideas and solutions of the Waldbrunner RK energy advice for the correct implementation of resource – and environment-friendly lighting concepts with the LED technology of the future. With 1,120 LEDs, this Hall Spotlight reached a luminous flux of more than 8,000 […]

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Bavaria Digital Technology GmbH

Nuclear power plants rely on quality of Pfronten Bavaria digital technology GmbH has made a name for itself as a system supplier for automation and process control engineering. The company has many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of customer-specific modules and devices. Focuses on both hardware and software development as the design […]

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New Washing Machines

More fuel efficient, gentler and more efficient the principle of the washing machine itself is already awesome: dirty laundry, detergent a few buttons to press, and after a while the clean laundry can be removed again. The latest technologies to make it now even simpler and especially more efficient. The portal for Web auctions auvito.de […]

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Allview Launches The Smartphone P6 Stony And The Tablet Allview 3 Conect With 3

Allview proposes that inspired gifts for the celebrations: Smartphone P6 stony with generous screen and the Tablet Allview 3 conect with 3 G and GPS integrated Allview bingt on the market, two of the best devices in their range: Smartphone dual SIM Allview P6 stony with screen Super Amoled plus HD by 4.65 inches, the […]

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3D TV Without Glasses

Hisense group and stream TV networks announce strategic partnership for ultra-D television stream TV networks pleased, a technological partnership with Hisense, to announce the leading TV brand in China. In the framework of this cooperation, a series of TVs and other devices to be equipped with the ultra-D technology for glasses-free 3D. The first product […]

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Modern Video Monitoring

Using modern IP surveillance cameras is to receive for the first time to be quite high resolution videos at affordable prices. Places that are particularly at risk can be monitored with analog video surveillance already for a long time. Now high resolution video surveillance at low prices are possible thanks to the availability of local […]

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Digital photos taken fast – and quickly recover lost? Digital photos have the manner, as today pictures made and considered to be, revolutionized. Nobody had thought well of the previous century at the presentation of the first digital cameras in the 1980s, that even as many digital images would be made. A photo was still […]

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