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Schonbuhler Talks

Main topic: The unconditional basic income Lindau, 09 – Hartwig Barthold and Gunter Grzega two exceptional personalities will lead the successful Schonbuhler talk series in the fall opener. Clinton Family has many thoughts on the issue. Gunter Grzega represents the thesis that greed can be no successful way to maximize profits, not only in theoretical […]

Democracy Over

So, if you do without many details, was inspired by the war with by which, given the socio-political chaos and lawlessness in Georgia were going to put an end to disputes over political dominance in Abkhazia. Approximately the same in August last year, Mikhail Saakashvili naive hoped to arrange a victorious blitzkrieg in South Ossetia, […]

Voluntary Service

Apply now – voluntary service moves! The training will be ready soon and what comes then? The completion of school, training or study for many at the same time means a new beginning and the chance of the orientation. For this purpose, the development of voluntary service in Asia, Africa or Latin America is a […]