Electronic Government

After all, he does not advance if to dominate an area of the technology if the pedagogia of a professor is not had and vice versa. These knowledge must be acquired, if possible, for equal. The USE OF the TECHNOLOGY IN the MATHEMATICS the mathematics as it disciplines accurate if becomes very feared its spectators. The pupil, of average education, for example, if worries very in ' ' decorar' ' formulas and calculations, what it finishes reflecting in negative way in the learning it pupil. The use of more dynamic, participativas lessons, that is a new methodology if makes necessary due the use of auto-learning teachings, concepts, theories, theorems and of logical deductions. To break daqui, the student not only ' ' decora' ' yes, concludes this result. Then this study now it will be based on analyses, tests and conclusions enabling the pupil with a mind logical-mathematics. Softwares that they assist the formula creation, geometric graphs, drawings and other similar ones exist innumerable.

Through the retroprojetor, it exists the possibility of if carrying through a lesson more demonstrative and appearance. Audiovisuais methods also exist as ribbons VHS, for example, or CDs, through the presentation of films, interviews, sets of documents, where if the attention of the pupils very obtains a positive result in relation. The computer possesss innumerable possibilities of assists to education. The development of the programming is very significant, in disponibilizando innumerable softwares educative, as a set of informticos, projected resources to be used in learning and education context. Nowadays, already the things exist applicatory for almost all.

Since simple function until the calculation of integrals and derivatives. An example of a popular software enters the professionals of education of the mathematics is cabri geometre, that it allows to the geometric drawing and the analysis of the same ones, disponibilizando many of the used geometric resources. The applicatory one if finds in Portuguese becoming the use of the same simpler. Moreover the program disponibiliza to user one graphical interface, and with a system of predefined actions the operator obtains to carry through the necessary drawings, being able the proper pupil to correct its manual exercises, verifying the values of measures, angles, etc. the mathematics is without a doubt one of the substances more feared by the pupils in general, and as such, can be seen that the more real resources and ways will be used in a bigger lesson will be the exploitation of the substance. The school is not justified for the presentation of the knowledge obsolete and exceeded e, yes in saying in sciences and technology (DAMBRSIO, 2002,80). BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES SANCHO, Juana M. For an educational technology. Ed. Artmed. Porto Alegre: 1998. SANCHEZ, Oscar Adolph. The Electronic Government in the State of Rio De Janeiro. Didactic series n 6? July 2003. Available in: . Access in: 22 ago. 2009. ASTELLS, Manuel. The Society in Net. So Paulo: Peace and Land. v.1, 1999. KRULIK, Stephen, the resolution of problems in the pertaining to school mathematics, 4 ed., Are Pablo, Current, 1997. GAUDIO, Eduardo Viana. The use of digital multiways as the metodolgico support in the didactic process of the mathematical education. Available in:, had access in: 19/03/2006.