RSS Live Bookmark

Live Bookmark is Mozilla's response to offering RSS feeds through their browsers and Firefox in particular. Using this technology, it is possible for any visitor to your website to add your RSS feed in the footsteps of only two or three. Browse RSS feeds to subscribe is as easy as searching a marker. Instead of seeing a marker though, you get a list of all the headlines are in the RSS feed you just sign up. This feature is really cool. How to activate the Live Bookmark icon So, how active the live bookmark icon in a browser based on Mozilla? Simple, which includes the following line of text at the top of the page where you want the icon: Understand the different parts of the declaration of the first parameter specifies that we are mentioning a link forward to an alternative page for content.

In this case, the alternative page is the RSS feed. The second parameter of type '= "application / rss + xml" is claiming that the link is to an RSS feed use. The third parameter is "title =" RSS 2.0? and is the text that will appear when someone clicks on the live bookmark icon. In this example, you see "RSS 2.0?, But you can specify" Subscribe to this feed RSS "or whatever you want. The third and final parameter is the href =" ". This is the link or URL to the source real that visitors can subscribe. The whole process is quite simple once you understand the basics. You can literally make your feed available via RSS Live Bookmark any of its visitors in just a few minutes . The rest is up to you. Joe Duchesne is the webmaster of dedicated to educate webmasters about the virtues of Reprint freely as long as you keep the key link rich live.