The Neck

Now they can buy what they want! And what happens – less money, but the desire has no end. And all is not enough! Oh well we'll buy everything we want from the next paycheck. We will work harder and harder to buy what we want. Desire to grow more and more. I want it, want it, and so on.

Incomes rise, but for the cost. As they say can not catch its tail. Here it is this trap! We are already in it. All my life we'll chase his insatiable desires. We will think of as more earn, to spend more. We think we can afford more and that's the thing, too.

So before retirement will be chasing his insatiable desires. Leaving some of the money himself. And why me? We were strong, handsome, young and good work and make that left to ourselves? I want to tell about the young guys. Guys life is not so infinite and need to think about retirement early age. Because your children will fall into the same trap, and the money they have on you lot do not be. Earn a lot, spend a lot and live well. But remember, think about the time when you do not want to work or can not, you need to think now, you should think twice. And a small portion of the proceeds still do not spend and postponed so as not to get into the financial trap. Do not get there themselves and teach their children. And what do you, those who are a little older? You all is not lost. I'm sure there's still time to fix everything and take care of the future. Writing children a chance to live in his own pleasure, not tyanuv on the neck of his parents. I know it's not easy! Begin to accumulate a small portion of the money ever imagine for the future that would come out of this financial trap. And if you read my post Tell that to our children and grandchildren, they will understand you. Mine still young, and then it's too late!