Booking Car Windows

In recent years, motorists are increasingly interested in booking car windows, because This service is becoming very popular, along with the usual tinted car glass, however, issues related to features booking glass is mass. In this regard, we have decided in this article highlight the main aspects of the booking. Thus, booking car windows makes the task of, first, to protect the driver and passengers from broken glass during an accident, and secondly, to protect the people sitting in the car, from an attack enemies and robbers, and thirdly, to keep valuables in vehicles. Glass with a deposited film armoring opposes attempts to split it or just squeeze and slows the rate of penetration into the vehicle. Such glass can not be broken up into fragments. During the attack, after repeated blows glass may shatter, but the protective film will keep it in place. In our work we use a protective film LLumar (U.S. production) and Hanita (Israel production).