Federal Sports Programs

Such constructions are optimal for the construction of sports complexes, stadiums, indoor skating rinks and other objects, since they allow to construct the long unsupported spans and construct buildings with large interior space. For example, the maximum length of concrete beams is only 30 meters, compared to 60 – lmc for like "Spider". Except addition, the technologies employed producers, allow maximum ease metal, and therefore the weight load on buildings and foundations. Therefore, pre-fabricated buildings – great development in areas with complex geological conditions and "weak" soil. Significantly reduced construction costs and by reducing the amount of foundation works. Today, for the erection of such buildings are used lmc, manufactured by the factory method.

You can use them to build objects of any shape and height. Due to the fact that all such structures bolted connections, their installation is quite simple and is made directly to construction site. The technology is almost the same as in a children's designer. Deadlines manufacture and supply of lmc, as well as the shortest possible time of their installation may reduce the time of construction of the object more than twice. Ranked Among the advantages of prefabricated buildings – open plan internal space, an arbitrary height spans, fire resistance, environmental friendliness and the possibility of re-planning, dismantling and transportation to any desired location has built a sports facility. Sports Palace "turnkey" Construction time – a very important condition for realization of social projects. Because according to the target Federal Program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation in the years 2006-2015, at the end of its rate of provision of sports infrastructure to be increased to 30 sites per 100 thousand Russians.