Flash Jump

That is where some 50-80 degrees. Roughly speaking, almost to the sky. The second type. Throws up a player from the ground, is done similarly. Problem Player jumping jump seating, as well as in the Sky Jump, but still press ctrl (crouch) to make it easier to get flash.

Sitting makes all the same. Flash Boost (Flash Bust) The purpose of this technique is not the height, and distance. That is the same method, but we need to fly away. Done as well as Flash Jump, but the flash throws a smaller angle, and clearly in the heel. On these maps, as trikz_advanced or trikz_2_hard there are places where flash is very powerful boost needed. The player jumps dominant, but the one who throws the stick must run up, jump up on the run and throw the stick. That is, the flesh turns a very strong rate, which is transmitted to the player. Well, the task of flying the player will surely set speed with Weave (waves).

This can be seen in articles about how to make a bunny hop. Briefly I will say that a set of speed is due to a combination of mouse movements to the side and pressed the motion to the side. Mega (Mega) thing is pretty professional. This flash Jam off the ground, but at very high altitudes. Done the same way as flash jump, but the player sitting first bounce, and then throws a flush. Jump over a player must always tends to jump partner, and not to jump on him. Must press ctrl (crouch) to his friend did not hit his head and has not turned Sky Jump. Stick to throw into the sky vertically. 80-90 degrees. This trick requires a lot of practice. But if want, then you will succeed! x2 x3 x4 and so on. This is actually overclocking with flashcards. That is, one player sits with flash, second it jumps, flies in the air makes a loop to land on his partner and companion is already sitting the second, third stick at the ready and throws again and again. This technique is used to map trikz_revolution. Server, where you can practice off bhop / trikz server (mpBhops + Timer /! Trikz): Any questions you can ask on the forum or on the server. Always will be glad to help you. I wish you success in mastering trikz! nyf-nyf aka If?