There are also brewed versions with nuts. On the maintainability of such structures we keep silent. As you can see, this method of fixing is a clear waste of time, and the cost of this compound is very high, even without spent on him man-hours. The second common way – it's mount deck "roof" self-tapping screws, hex. It has its drawbacks. In addition to pre-drill a screw himself have also countersink the hole to hide protruding above the surface of the head.

In the future location of the attachment must caulk mastic for waterproofing and to bring the look of the order. If you do not, there quickly accumulates dirt and moisture. The result – a fixture rot! There are also other indigestible in one respect or another mounting options. For example, "furniture" with a flat head screw, which, though rounded, but still above the floor level, without disturbing operation. It would seem that you can use the usual self-drilling screw but at the moment when the drill, having a layer of the tree begins to drill the metal – progressive speed drops and climbs on deck carving, coloring mercilessly.

In order to avoid this company SFSintec self-drilling screw specially created for attaching wood to metal. On either side of him gnawing the tip are "Ears" that are pre-milling from the tree channel diameter exceeds the diameter of the "body" screw. This design allows not only to avoid raising the flooring material for carving, but also serves another important function. Clearance around fasteners – tree leaves can freely expand and shrink, not a "shaking" while tapping. This eliminates the unnecessary load on the cut, to avoid breaking of the process and samovyvorachivaniya operation. We must also mention that the fastener head when properly installed sits flush with the deck. But the main advantage of this system is that the entire assembly is performed in one step and takes seconds! Installation tool, developed by SFSintec, a device for holding and centering stud, and properly fitted the power and speed, provide optimal drilling and thread formation in the metal frame. In addition, the creators have taken care of that adjustment can be set the desired depth of drowning head! Thus, thanks to the mounting tool of metiz + SFSintec fixing flooring is right "to finishing", requiring no additional work! One person collects freely flooring, and installation time while decreasing! Accordingly, increasing the output per unit area, and this is a substantial savings – a profit! The Swiss company SFSintec offers more than just fixing a high level, it offers full, turnkey solutions, with proven technology and quality assurance, which is not will vary from delivery to delivery. This is possible because the company SFS are located in Europe and all our production is strictly controlled at all stages of production. The key to quality in this is the service. Employees do not just pick up your right to a particular node attachment point, but if necessary, help you set up the loading equipment on the spot. Of course, always it is possible to use available metiz of Southeast Asia, but who asks will be responsible for build quality, if a van or trailer will "crumble" and a half – two years? Producer! And what a serious enterprise risk their reputation and to hear the unflattering feedback on their products?