Of course that if all that we explore the networking we understand his blessings and hope we get them. Anyone can do it, starting by putting your feet on the ground, stop them on this idea. Let’s go to the street to enjoy a pleasant walk, takes about $35 and carry them in your pockets. The next Street a stranger you addresses with a story about a wonderful business that will give you a lifestyle, the House of your dreams, cars, trips and several million in your account. All those wonders will occur over night, will make it very easy to achieve this, all we need to do is give those $35 you carry in your pocket and then find others who will follow your example. He is responsible for the rest. Do give you your? money to that stranger who just interrupt your ride? I think that not in the best of cases if these good humor, disfrutarias of its history and give you a cut as fast as you could.

Now swap roles, assemble your best story and go out to the street and tries to get money to every people that you find in your path. Not even you plantearias it you right? That is the real world, nobody gives money for nothing. Paraphrase the proverb of the Galicians nobody gives pesetas in exchange for a hard now these against your PC, you walk into this virtual world that is the Internet, your mind mistakes him for a parallel world or something as well. And you begin to participate in similar stories to which a minute before rechazabas in your ride. You’ve distorted the reality, you have forgotten that at the other end always, there is always a person and when you get to her again to enter the real world.