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Oilfield Business

Oil production in Russia today – the number one business. It is only natural that his demands on the quality of equipment is constantly increasing. And in order to meet these requirements, companies that are partners oil producers must constantly be in the process of modernization. That is the objective of our policy. It focuses […]

Winch Work

Today, lifting equipment needed assistant in work. Weight lifting one of the most convenient mechanism is a winch, it is simply irreplaceable. But it is necessary to understand the current diversity of the products. Winches – a group of mechanical devices for moving and lifting of various loads. The invention dates back to the winch […]

Coal Industry

With the rapid development of China s coal industry, the demand for coal is further expanded and promote the steady growth of the coal production, which also provides a very favorable environment for the development of coal machinery and creates good condition for the steady development of China s coal machinery industry. The mining machinery […]