The School

They are needed educational with experience, up-to-date, investigating, enterprising, proactive, motivating knowledge totally identified with education, and on all, able to realise the investigations that they invite to the withdrawn futures to fuse itself with the national and world-wide reality. Educational, that confronts the challenges that the country presents/displays, that is able to integrate its pupils through proposals, modelosque poporcionesn different solutions to poblemas that it confronts the enterprise sector, specifically the SMEs. The School must tie but with the Venezuelan productive sector it is I publish private, to be but proactive in this integration that entails to that the future professional of the administration this totally identified with the productive reality of the country, commercialization, their needs and take passage to new strategies, actions that favor to all. Reorganization in their administrative functions is required, to define the functions that must evolve for an efficient operativity but, less expensive, redefining the positions to evolve, establishing the tasks necessary to make its operativity less bureaucratic. To contract the necessary personnel that it guarantees productivity, results. To reconstruct the data base and handling of information of its Control of study, to qualify precise information of its participant, the personnel who the Integra from the student, administrative, working, educational personnel. The School must abrise but to the interchange of educational students and with the other national or international Schools, to realise Congresses, Seminaries, interchange of investigation, activities of extension that favors to him in its academic growth and it reaches of his social responsibility. Also the school must to integrate itself but with the economic programs of the government, to present its opinions, participating being but before the national reality, mainly in topical that concerns to him within comercializacion, productivity, technology, enterprise economy. It cannot remain passive in everything what letter contrala training, performance of the professionals that withdraws. Definitively, the present reality worries about the schools of Administration, that they require of a strong participation but, which they present his professional opinions and that guarantee to the country able to confront the challenges, the new openings that the national government this realising quickly, otherwise, Dahran great faults in the new enterprise management of the present.