The West

Money usually come at the expense of advertising sales, as well as through the use of the blog systems such as Yandex contextual advertising and Google.Adsense. Also for the earnings on these blogs, you can use the information goods on your topic. As a result, professional blog turns into an extra source of income. Ideally, the blog becomes a core business and main source of income. There are many bloggers in the west. And in 1-2 years there will be many and nas.Brend blog. This blog is usually used for branding a particular person or the whole company.

This type of blog use in my work I do. I have a core business, which brings me money through websites and sales training courses. A blog is a place for me where I can post material more personal nature. Why not put them on the main site? Because the format of records that are placed on the blog is usually different from the format of materials that are placed on content sites. If the primary site, I post lessons and articles on site building, then write a note on the blog more of a personal nature, which are also associated with this topic. For example, a lesson in "How to create a system of registering on the site," I will place on the main site, but the report with some of the conference on web design with my pictures I'll post on the blog already. Catch the difference? The blog is usually focuses as a useful material, but most often it is pegged to the author – or it is saying the point of view, or a description of an event or just rewarding experience.