Venezuelan Economy

Among some of his works are: macroeconomic analysis, towards economic independence, dependence and underdevelopment, a five-year period of 1994-1998 Government Balance: fiscal, monetary and exchange rate management, monograph and selected essays (BCV, 2001). It should be noted that Dr. Maza Zavala was one of the critical voices of the economic policy pursued by the most respected Government, even the President Hugo Chavez has expressed on several occasions that while he did not share some of their points of view, respects him for his wide knowledge of the economy. In one of his last interviews, offered on September 30 at the radio station Union Radio, the former director of the BCV warned the National Executive that insist on the deepening of their Socialist strategy, the consequence will be inevitable and progressive deterioration of the Venezuelan economy. In this regard, Maza Zavala said that if Chavez wishes to be a candidate in 2012 with possibilities of success should be rectified. Maza Zavala, asserted that the economic climate improved momentarily after the electoral process on September 26.

It differs from the previous one because now those many members having the opposition have the backing of the popular majority. He added in an interview that was made regarding the economic recession, that Venezuela does not exit this situation in the second half of 2010, something that had predicted the Minister for finance, Jorge Giordani. There is no indication, in any productive sector, to wait for an economic recovery. The manufacturing is listless, construction, basic industries of Guayana are also at its worst, the petroleum activity has many weaknesses, agriculture still bedridden and trade does not react positively, said Professor Maza Zavala. We are grateful to the missing Professor all contributions we bequeathed for that Governments at that time, they take more seriously its role in favour of consolidating that economy that Venezuela needs to go forward, as well, as their valuable teachings bequeathed to many professionals, that without any doubt, it will always present.