Art Of Using Metaphors

Metaphors, in all their diversity of forms, from early childhood are in our lives. From generation to generation the fairy tales, proverbs, and parables. Metaphor is essentially seeking to circumvent any conscious blocking or resistance to infiltrate the subconscious level. It is the subconscious responds to the puzzle metaphor to find some individual otgadku, which corresponds to the experiences and needs specific audience. Many people classifies skazkoterapiyu to serious, "child" method. Initially, this view arises from the term "fairy tale", but at the same time, a lot of developments in this direction it is addressed to adults. Therefore, a more intimate knowledge allows misguided change his mind.

Many of the techniques described in a very long time available in the form of well-known fairy tales and metaphors. We just read them study. Skazkoterapiya historically most ancient format transfer of knowledge about life. At first story was a source of information, it is possible to store the history of the people in memory of people, being passed from mouth to mouth, from senior generation to the younger. It was designed to inspire and to transfer knowledge and to help assimilate the rules and regulations around the world, served as a means of communication, in the end. In those days, stories have been one of the few ways to transfer knowledge. Metaphorical stories may draw attention to some issue.

Any metaphor recognizes the ability of the subconscious, enabling him to draw their own conclusions. A metaphor is like a puzzle: the subconscious is trying to unravel its so long until you find you otgadku. The subconscious mind likes to search for the meaning hidden in a metaphorical story. Amazing ability to complex metaphors is that each person understands their own way. Your subconscious find the meaning that is right for you. Metaphoric stories are not unambiguous, and they allow you to select the desired value. It is aimed at the realization of their potentials, capacities and values of their own life, understanding the causal relationships of events and actions, which are made by man, the inner feeling of strength and harmony.