Cell Phones And Global Catastrophes

I’m sitting in the train, cozy and familiar clatter of wheel. in my hand device, read and listen to the news of the flood, snow, summer, typhoons and tsunamis Then write these lines on his cell phone. Then save the file and send to the site: in Start your blog or anywhere else Until of course I still have time to watch YouTube videos or commercials Comedy Club In general, I’ll kill time Labuda. Looking out the window into the gray dismal reality of the fall, looking to run past the mountains of slag, and gray smoke into the sky, thought: why should I, during a global catastrophe will be needed camera and video player? Why should I “classmates”, ‘Contact’, flat jokes Paul Will, ringtones from Bilan Shnurova, flash games and card congestion in the center of Novgorod? Why do I need all these useless, in general, bells and whistles? The moment when the world overthrow of man-made hell, much more important will be the phone, combined with a compass and barometer, equipped with a lighter and Flashlight, with built-in with a penknife. And as a ‘cool’ bells and whistles – a device for mosquito repellent and waterproof salt Oh, and – manual transmission for recharging. Phone era of Judgement Phone, which You can always change to buy food.