Duplication – bonding two different materials, triplirovanie – held together by three materials. The manufacturer of theater seating chairs-south tracks all new products and technological progress. that allow you to become more better – more modern, more comfortable, aesthetically. Textile market continues to be one of the fastest growing worldwide. The development is mainly determined by the constantly changing requirements for properties of the materials themselves. No longer enough to simply missed material into the water – this must be at the same time also "breathe", that is missed out air and steam, was not just easy, but strong, in charge hygienic standards and was cheap. A little about the technology. Technology overlap and triplirovaniya (lamination) is a process of combining two or more roll materials with adhesives based on absolutely friendly thermoplastic polymers (polyamides and polyurethanes).

This eco-friendly process with no fumes, aerosols and gases. Thanks to the laminate composite material acquires a number of new properties. In First, it is resistant to physical stress – strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance and, ultimately, longevity. Also, it is possible to increase the hygroscopicity of the material make it suitable for wet-heat treatment or, conversely, water-repellent, heat-conducting or heat-insulating, breathable and wind-guard at the same time, and simply comfortable. With each other can be connected to such materials as for example, polyurethane foam, non-woven or knitted fabrics, upholstery fabric, felt, fur, leather, cloth, membrane film, etc. The only question is in material selection, selection of an appropriate adhesive and the operating mode.

All theater chair of chairs made from south-triplirovannyh tissues. The color scheme – is not limited. Firm orders triplirovannye tissue at the enterprises specializing in the manufacture of nonwoven fabrics for furniture, footwear, automotive and clothing industries. Triplirovanny material – material containing fabric, knitted, nonwoven fabric, faux fur, artificial leather, interconnected in various combinations in through three layers of adhesive composition or polyurethane foam. Triplirovannyh production (as well as redundant) material (nonwoven fabric) with different physical and mechanical properties, is various combined methods of bonding fibers, including impregnation with polymers. Various methods of bond yield diverse range of products by the densities (10 … 160 g/m2 thermally and 150 … 600 g/m2 for needle-punched materials). Together with a large range of colors – all to meet the growing demands of many consumers theater seats. If the conditions of the tender for public procurement is written: 'In the production of chairs should be use a special triplirovannaya upholstery with enhanced durability and stain-resistant properties, easy cleaning. Color, texture of fabrics chosen by the Customer. ', Then you can be sure that our theater chairs from Chairs-south satisfy this condition.