Targeted communication is essential in the digital world how good are they digital set up? They fully exploit the potential of the Internet for their B2B and target group communication? The digital fingerprint reader helps them to answer these questions. The entire website is judged from the point of view of the customer. The comprehensive analysis gives you an overview of their presence in the digital world and their success. In today’s digital world, the website more than just a business card he is the Foundation of success. To steadily increase this success, online marketing must work smoothly.

Many companies do not exploit this potential. In the hectic daily business, important details on the website and target group communication is lost. But these details are essential for a good B2B communication. Thus the questions often arise: How can the added value of the presentation for my target group be increased yet? How are we there when compared to the competition? The appearance is worth on Facebook, Twitter and co.? The digital fingerprint is the first step towards the solution of these questions. The entire mission-critical Internet presence is judged from the point of view of the customer. The comprehensive analysis gives you an overview of the presence in the digital world. These include not only substantive and technical analysis, but also research on social networks, search engine optimization (SEO) tools such as Google AdWords and comparisons with competitors. However, the analysis can help? The analysis shows, where something needs to be changed.

And DigiTrail thinking ahead for you. The individual, tailored to the needs of the business change and suggestions of DigiTrail allow to an increase in the level of awareness, a long-term cost reduction and an increase in sales through the right online strategies. In addition, are closer to the market to your target audience and know exactly how your company in the competition is positioned. So easy, you can unravel the mystery of digital success. Contact: DigiTrail Real erdinger Strasse 111 70794 Filderstadt: 0049 (0) 711 21 724 147 DigiTrail is a young company that advises small and medium-sized (industrial) companies in Internet technology.