Maria Jose Arajo

The text presented here detaches the urgent necessity of qualification of the professors, the change of paradigms and consequentemente the boarding of the pertaining to school contents. METHODOLOGY This work is based on bibliographical research. The main authors used in the accomplishment of this research had been Jose Seting Brave, Glaucia Da Silva Brito, Ivonlia of the Purificao and Maria Jose Arajo. Beyond the bibliographical revision also the field research was used, where five professors had been interviewed and five directors of different particular schools of the City of Are Gonalo, that they act in basic education. The interviewed professors had been chosen and had randomly answered the following questions: Which the resources of Internet or computer science you used in room in the year of 2010? You agree that the TICs with use of excellent the adequate method assistant in the process can be education/learning?

With that frequency costuma to have access the Internet? Already made some course online? Which the biggest difficulty found for the use of the TICs in classroom? The interviewed directors, had answered only two questions: Which the resources of Informtica and Internet, have available for the use in lesson in this institution? How the school if organizes to place the disposal of the classrooms the mentioned resources? SUMMARY INTRODUCTION 08 CHAPTER i Technologies Computer science and 11 Education CHAPTER II – the School and the Professor, both in adaptao17 CHAPTER III? Professors X 27 Pupils CONCLUSION 47 CONSULTED BIBLIOGRAPHY 52 CITED BIBLIOGRAPHY (optional) 55 58 ANNEXES INDEX 59 LEAF OF EVALUATION 63 INTRODUCTION science and technology, intervene strong with the destination of the society, making with that the education suffers to forts pressures in what says respect to the use of the same ones, or in the preparation of its pupils for this use, becoming them skillful enough so that they have its place guaranteed in the routine of the diligent citizen, brought up to date and along with the constant transformations the one that are citizens all the concepts and tools of support for the execution of the daily tasks and the diverse forms of following the constant development of technological resources as using of the same ones in its routine of work.