Landscape Photography

The landscape is one of the most popular genres in contemporary photography. Cleverly using technical means, and given the natural factors, the photographer is able to give it a particular emotional coloration, which will give his own state of mind. But in order to accurately and eloquently convey the mood, you should remember about the features on location. Any landscape is removed under the open sky at artificial or natural light. One source of natural light is the sun. Sunlight, constantly changing depending on the altitude of the sun above the horizon (the time of day) and the state of the atmosphere (Weather) is divided into directional (direct) and scattered by the atmosphere.

Secondary source of illumination is the sky, He and other light reflecting surface of the subject. In the early morning and late afternoon hours in the natural light contains much more red and orange rays than in the middle of the day. This phenomenon also depends on time of year, weather conditions, geographic latitude. As the sun rises gradually increased not only light intensity, but also changes its color temperature is a change of the spectrum, it begin to dominate the blue, blue, violet rays. Consequently, the color temperature of daylight. In Depending on the altitude of the sun natural light is divided into periods of spectacular (Low) morning and evening, normal, zenith and twilight lighting. With spectacular lighting horizontal rays of the sun form long, elongated shadows of objects, well reveal the terrain, the volume of items, plans.