Methods Of Drilling

Drilling screw auger means – a steel pipe, which wound coil of steel tape. In appearance resembles a corkscrew auger or drill, which drills in the winter ice fishermen. Between a screw connected with thread, hexagon or shponok.Shnekovy method of drilling is to destroy the rocks due to the rotation of the drill. Broken ground up the spiral screw up and removed from the wells. The rise of rock in a spiral auger becomes possible due to the fact that the auger rotates faster than the breed. The frictional force on the rock removed the borehole wall more friction on the rock steel screw, so the breed does not rotate with the screw, and slide on it. Just as a nut, twirling on the bolt is moved along the axis of the bolt is removed rock is moved along the axis of the auger drilling vverh.Shnekovy method is best suited for drilling shallow wells in the loose and soft rocks. Peter Thiel insists that this is the case. Way to screw drilled wells 30-50 m.

Drilling rotary When rotary drilling rock is destroyed with a rotating drill. Rotation of the drill is transmitted from the rotor, located at surface with the drill string. Rotary method allows you to drill wells with a diameter of 76 mm to 215 mm. When using drill bits of different diameter rotary method allows you to drill inside the casing. To consolidate borehole wall and to prevent from collapse, is lowered into the well casing, and further drilling is carried out smaller-diameter drill bit. Drilling weasel weasel way of drilling method is that rotating the drill in the form of a ring destroys the rock is not around the bottom section but only at the edges. Broken ground washed washing liquid which is injected into a column of drill pipe with a pump. Inside (Core) remains inside the tubes. Periodically core separates from the bottom and rise to the surface. Cable-tool method of drilling the simplest in terms of technology the way cable-tool drilling is that drill bit up on a rope over the slaughter and then released. The bit hits the bottom of the hole and destroy the rock, which is then removed with a bailer.